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Welcome back to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!

Summer is gone, and a new autumn has begun. It’s strange that it still feels like spring. It doesn’t stop raining. I almost feel like I’m back in Seattle, only without the Space Needle, the mountains, the sea, and the people who support and enjoy science fiction. Okay, maybe it doesn’t feel like Seattle. It’s more like a really soggy Missouri.

Today’s contribution continues the series of snippets from a deleted scene from my fourth book, ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE.

Cover for 'Alone in the Universe'

In the last post, Kate dropped a bombshell on Anna, revealing her belief that humans had only one gender.

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And now, here is this week’s snippet. Enjoy!

  “What?” A short laugh punctuated Anna’s response. “Why would you think that?”
  “In all the times I’ve been active, I’ve only interacted with one human: you. With little information on file about humans as a race, I can only assume humans are a mono-gender race.”
  Anna smiled in spite of the situation. “No, humans have two genders: male and female.” She pointed toward Kate and herself. “We’re female.”
  “But, I thought they were men.”
  “They are.”
  “But, you just called them male.”

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8 Responses to SFFS: Snippet of “A Brief Discussion”

  1. Peter Vialls says:

    The dangers of extrapolation from a single reference!

  2. T. M. Hunter says:

    I think Anna had better get cranking on putting info about humans in the files!

  3. S.A. Check says:

    Isn’t there a book or a pamphlet she can give her? It’s always in those moments when we’re taken out of our personal comfort zones that we realize just how strange some of our beliefs / customs sound.

  4. Pedant – but language is complex, especially english

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